Due to potential risk, there are certain areas that we are unable to accommodate this service. If you have any questions regarding your location and delivery range please contact us.

Once your packages are received in Miami they are processed and a notification will be sent to you via e-mail with the expected arrival date. Deliveries will be done thereafter within 2 business days.


We accept credit card payments via our user portal where you will log in your RPM Express Couriers account and pay for your packages. Our delivery drivers can only accept Debit or Credit card payments. Our office location will accept Cash, Credit Card and Debit transactions. Company Checks will only be accepted after an approval process (contact us for details). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Personal Checks.

Yes, this is part of our shopper assistance services. You must visit our Trinidad office location to speak to one of our associates. We will assist you and purchase your item(s) on your behalf, all payments will be paid to RPM Express couriers and must be paid prior to placing the final order. See our shopper assistance.

No, please provide all vendors your local phone number your Credit Card company has on file for you. You will need to include Trinidad's International Country Code (868).

At this time, all payments will need to be processed by you once we notify you of package arrival, you will have the option to log in your RPM Express Couriers account and check out for your packages.

Most websites will give you the option to have a different address for shipping and billing purposes, however, some will not accommodate international addresses. Contact your local bank and add the Miami RPM Express Couriers address as an auxiliary billing address to your credit card. Once you do so, you can use the same address for shipping and billing at the time of check out.

A Transaction Fee” is a charge levied for the privilege of paying for a product or service using an alternative payment. We charge a Transaction Fee for each transaction conducted using our online payment service. The Transaction Fee will be disclosed to you prior to making a payment and you will be given the option of not proceeding with the payment transaction if you do not wish to pay the Transaction Fee. However, there are other methods of making payments such as Cash, Debit cards and Credit cards which are also accepted at our office.


Refrigerators, wine coolers, refrigerated water fountains and their parts, Fire Extinguishers, Conditioner units for Automotive, Home and Commercial. (note: permits for the above items can be obtained for free)

To obtain an import permit visit the TTMA Building, Maritime Roundabout, Barataria. Permits might take up to 5 (five) days to process.

Yes, you can import seeds, however, you will need to follow a variety of procedures and possibly obtain required import permits to do so. For more information visit our restricted page.

We recommend to apply for an import permit before your item(s) reaches Trinidad, this will expedite your delivery.

- A copy of your ID or Driver's Permit.
- The invoice value of import.
- The gas type used in refrigerated units is usually R134A.


No, you must pick up your items in the order they were received, either all packages must be picked up at once or in the order they were received. We do not hold packages from previous orders to allow pick up of newer shipments.

Yes, you or someone else can drop off items at our Miami location. The person that drops off the items must have a valid ID, we will include a copy of this documentation in your delivery as it’s a US customs requirement. Items will also be physically examined prior to the initial shipment process.

Yes, you will need to contact us with the person’s first and last name, and ID number. Please notify us if you would like to have this person pick up one specific item or all pending items. All items must be paid for prior to assigned pick up.

We do not recommend to leave your item(s) uncollected for long periods of time, however, if this is necessary you can request that we hold your item for a few days if you are out of town or are unavailable to come in when they arrive. Our collection policy is 30 days within receipt of shipment to our Trinidad offices. Any packages that are left for more than 30 days of receipt day will incur a storage and release fee upon collection.Packages unclaimed for more than 60 days of invoice date will set for payment recovery.


Items considered hazardous include and are not limited to: Items with alcohol listed as the first ingredient, flammable or easily combustible items, pressurized tins, chemicals which emit harsh odors or cannot be safely handled without safety gear. Refer to our Hazardous Page for more details. restricted page.
Some of these items can be easily purchased online but require ground transportation and are dangerous to be shipped via air cargo. To see the full list of restricted items refer to the US Federal Aviation Authority. If you have any questions or are unsure of the item(s) you would like to ship, please contact us prior to shipping any item to our Miami location. Contact Us

Yes, if the item(s) is properly handled and packaged we may be able to ship these items to you via air cargo. This option might be costly as is usually only utilized for commercial use, we urge you to contact us with any questions regarding hazardous items. Contact Us


Our Insurance fees are $1.00 USD for every $100.00 USD of your item(s) purchase value. If a package arrives at our Miami warehouse without an invoice, we will automatically insure the package for a maximum of $100.00 USD.

Due to their extremely fragile nature, these items are not covered by insurance:
- Flatbed scanners
- Microwave ovens
- Computer Monitors
- Glass items, porcelain, and/or ceramic
- Cast-iron or concrete products
Please note that shipping charges and taxes are not covered by the insurance and must be paid before a claim can be processed.


Yes, crating your item(s) is an option, especially for items such as TV's and large appliances. See our rate page to review crating fees. rates

Yes, in order to reduce the risk for damage to your TV, we take special care on handling and shipping your item(s). To do so, we verify the screen health condition and confirm it can power-up in Miami and in Trinidad. These inspections involve care and can be a time-consuming process for our staff and for this reason it attracts a small fee. Refer to our rate page for more information.

With RPM Express Couriers you can ship any size TV if your TV is over 50 inches we will need to crate the TV due to the fragile nature of the item and size. An additional handling and packing cost will be added to your invoice if necessary.

You do not have a limit to the size you can ship with RPM Express Couriers, keep in mind the size and weight of your shipment will reflect in your fees. Consider sea freight as an option for items such as furniture or large appliances.


Due to the volume of demand by the United States Postal Service, some packages delivery status can often be incorrect, please contact USPS for more information about your package status, weather and time of year can increase these delays.

We have listed some possible reasons your package is or could be delayed:
- The shipper (vendor) did not label your package with the complete delivery address. Contact your vendor. - Incorrect address input. Check if you entered the correct Miami address at the time of checkout. You should receive an email confirmation with the shipping address where the vendor will be or has sent the package(s).

A pre-alert is a way for you to let us know you have a package coming. By doing this you give us the original tracking number and an invoice which then allows us to process your package much more quickly when it arrives in Miami.
This function is not available for packages without a tracking number from a major US courier.

Form 1583 authorizes us to act as your agent when receiving mail and packages on your behalf in the United States at the Post Office and at our warehouse. You must provide a copy of your ID along with the signed form.

CIF means "Cost, Insurance and Freight"
CIF Value = Package Value (including shipping) + Freight Cost + Insurance

To Pre-alert your package you will need the original tracking number for the package. Most countries also require an invoice.


A fuel surcharge is a requirement on all carriers by all shippers (ocean and/or air).

Value Added Tax (VAT) has been imposed by the Inland Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance and applies to all skybox providers.


Once your packages are received in Miami they are processed and a notification will be sent to you via e-mail with the expected arrival date. Deliveries will be done thereafter within 2 business days.

Our hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

Refer to our restricted items page for a full list of what can and cannot be shipped, as a rule of thumb any items considered dangerous by the FAA will not be shipped and are subjected to be placed on hold in our Miami location. We will contact you and wait for your instruction of what you would like to do with these items, be aware of corresponding paperwork and fees will follow.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

Yes, you can use the RPM Express Couriers App with the following types of phones:
- iOS
- Windows Phone
- Android
- Real time tracking, charges and status info of your packages are now in the palm of your hand.

No, your items will be shipped to Trinidad from Miami as how they arrive at our Miami location.