Justify Your Private Fleet


Busy schedule? Are you located far from our offices? No problem.
With our delivery nationwide service, once your packages arrive at our office, we will deliver the packages to your home or office unless we receive instructions from you to hold the package in our office for pick up. We strive to provide delivery of all packages 48 hours after they are received.

The convenience of ordering online and having my packages delivered to my front door in a timely manner, is a service my family and I appreciate every time.

- Nelly Mahabir

Check to see our range of delivery in your area

For questions regarding our delivery range please contact us at As we would like to deliver to all areas in Trinidad, due to the potential risks, we are unable to commit to this promise; However, we are committed to outstanding customer service and we will do everything we can to deliver your packages as long as we can promise to keep our staff and your packages safe on the road.